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Our Bot is always ready to adapt to any server and accomplish any task you put it up to! Moderation - Fun and Games!


Nova is always responsive and ready to act at your instant command! Our server set keeps it up 24/7 for your use!

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Our Staff and Support Team are always ready to answer your questions or help you with an issue at any time and any server!

What does Nova Offer?

With 50+ Commands we offer anything from Admin Moderation to Music Commands!

Our Staff Team!

So Who Powers the amazing Nova?

Lead Developer and Founder - Hammer1279
Developers - Martin225, Vixel
Hosting Provider - Hab
Moderation Team - Joaco545, TheFireDragon
Website Developer - Vixel(Me)

Who Is - Hammer

Hello, this is Hammer!

I’m the Lead Developer and Founder of HammerTechnik, coding on Nova since 2018. It was a long hard way for me, but giving up was never a option, the community matters! Beginning of the whole project was Mee6 making standard features paid, and Hab, creator of The Captain, teached me how to code Bots, so huge thanks to him. I was alone till 2019, the year of the creation of HT.

Who Is - Martin

Who Is - Vixel

Hi Guys!
My Name is Vixel! I am actually the one making the website you see infront of you right now! I have been with HT since before Nova was called Nova, I actually voted for the name when we moved names! I currentally do a lot of backend things for Nova so you don't see me much :)

But when I am doing big things you see like this website it does take a lot of time. Go check out my personal YouTube at the button below! I post development of Nova on there with things I am doing backend!

Contact Us!

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Nova Command List

[P] - Premium | [D] - Depricated

!botinfo: Give Bot Information
!get: Get Nova Stats
!invite: Gives the KappaBot Invite
!membercount: Shows the Member for your Server!
!ping: Show the Speed at which we can command you!
!premium: Check your Premium, or Get it!
!rank: Check your Rank
!serverinfo: Show the Information about the Server.
!status: Shows Bot's Status
!version: Show Nova's Version Info

Music Commands:
!join: Join the Voice Channel you are in!
!leave: Leaves the Voice Channel you are in!
!pause: Pauses playing music.
!play: Play some Music.
!queue: Shows queue of music.
!resume: Resumes the Music
!skip: Skips current song
!stream: Plays Audio Streams in a VC
!volume: Change the Volume of the Music

!bug: Report a Bug
!help: View all the commands you are able to use
!meme: Show a Meme
!rankcolor: Change the color of you rankcard
!suggest: Send us a bot Suggestion
!swat: Swat your friends!
!userinfo: check some general info about a user!

Moderation Commands:
!ban: Ban a User
!clear: Remove a Number of Messages
!dm: Send a Direct Message to a User
!kick: Kick a user from a server
!mute: Mute a User
!say: Say something through the bot!
!spacer: Add some Space between a message
!unmute: Unmute a Muted User
!warn: Warn a User

Admin Commands:
!config: Shows Server Configuration
!language: Changes Language of Nova [D]
!mode: Change Nova Mode [P]
!muterole: Set or Create a role for muted members
!prefix: Change to Prefix of Nova
!verify: Apply your Server for Verification